We love to deliver custom designed and built applications that delight our clients. Our consultants adapt to different types of organizations because our team understands that each client is unique. While we strive to get to know how your organization is different from the rest, we will carefully choose an approach that matches your business’ unique processes. At the end of a project, our consultants will have provided you with an application that is customized to your organization’s unique needs. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Custom application design and development.
  • Migration of legacy applications to a modern platform regardless of whether they will be deployed on desktop or through an internet browser (web-based).
  • Extension of desktop applications to the mobile world or the internet (web application).

Custom Application Development

At DTC we know that no one knows your business better than you. You need an application that is unique. Only you know exactly what customized features and capabilities your application needs. Let us work with you to develop an application that you will be proud of, and that will streamline your business. DTC will handle the infrastructure, the security of data, scalability and everything else, while you can go back to concentrating on your business.

Platform Modernization

Legacy applications and databases are often not compatible with modern platforms and purchasing a new operating system is not sufficient for modernizing your platform. Often the most efficient and cost-effective way to migrate to a new environment is through platform migration of the legacy system.

Migrate Desktop Applications to the Web or Mobile Space

The ability to access an application from anywhere is increasingly becoming highly valuable to organizations. Whether your company needs to store data in one centralized location or you need to capture and work with your data while traveling from location to location, DTC consultants can help you migrate your current desktop application to the web or mobile world.